Use SOAPSTone for non-fiction analysis!
Speaker – Identify the speaker. What are his/her credentials? Is he/she an authority in the field or profession? The reader is trying to identify the writer’s Ethos – competence and authority.
Occasion – What may have prompted the author to write this piece? What bias does he/she bring because of an experience or situation?
Audience – Does the speaker use language that is specific for a unique audience? Who is the person(s) the writer is trying to address or persuade?
Purpose – In what way does the author convey the message? What’s the emotional state of the speaker? Why did he/she write this piece? What might be his/her motive for this piece? What does he/she hope to accomplish?
Subject – What is the topic of this piece? How does the reader know this?

T one– What is the author’s attitude toward the subject? What diction (word choices) provides clues to the author’s viewpoint?